SW 3rd & Ash, 1928

The Boston Packing Co. building looks much too large to fit in the triangular block between SW 3rd, Ash and Ankeny Streets. A pedestal of one of the “Great Light Way” display arches over the intersection from the corner. It was sure to be a rough-and-tumble area just off lower Burnside in the 1920s.

Northwest corner of Ash and 3rd 1928(City of Portland Archives)

3 thoughts on “SW 3rd & Ash, 1928

  1. Oregonian April 23, 1939
    Ancient Building Being Destroyed

    The three story brick building occupying the triangular block bounded by Southwest Third avenue, Ankeny and Ash streets, one of the landmarks of that section of Portland, is being wrecked following its sale to Gladys E. Miller. A modern service station for the Signal Oil company will take its place. Seller in the transaction, handed by Norris, Beggs & Simpson and Fred Haas, was Edith D. Hirsch. The structure was occupied for many years by the Boston Packing company, but has been vacant for the last three years. The consideration in the sale was not announced.

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