NE Sandy & 24th, 1932

These generously wide sidewalks along NE Sandy Blvd at 24th Avenue are a thing of the distant past. Street widening projects plus replacement of these buildings have left significantly narrower sidewalks today.

NE Sandy looking northeast from 24th Ave 1932(City of Portland Archives)

Front Street, c1910

Horse-drawn wagons were certainly the transportation of choice on Front Street in 1910; automobiles had not yet caught on in a big way. This view is south, probably at about Stark or Washington Street.

A2004-002.7738 Front Street 1910(City of Portland Archives)

South Portland, 1957

This view from above the south end of Duniway Park shows a portion of South Portland that essentially no longer exists. That stretch of road behind the trees is Barbur Blvd. where it extends south from 4th & Sheridan at top left. The view is just a bit east of this previous VP image.

life magazine sw portland 02 1957(LIFE)

W Burnside, 10th & Oak, 1947

This view facing east on W. Burnside at 10th and Oak doesn’t look much different from the air today. Perhaps the greatest change is the addition of two large buildings on the blocks northeast and southwest of SW 9th & Oak. The shadow at the very bottom indicates this photo may have been taken from a blimp.

Aerial of W Burnside, Tenth Ave and Oak St 1947(City of Portland Archives)

Downtown Aerial, 1949

While quite a few of the downtown buildings in this 1949 photo from Portland Heights can still be identified today, many of the smaller buildings, particularly houses, are gone from the foreground area. Compare with this photo from some 30 years later, from roughly the same spot, after US-26 and I-405 were cut through the area.

A2004-002.2500 Looking north over Portland from southwest vista 1949(City of Portland Archives)

Atkinson School, 1941

Atkinson School, highlighted yesterday, went through a lot in its 70+ years. It was in the “new and commodious room in the North school building, with the most excellent patent seats” when it opened in 1869. By 1903 it was called a “wreck,” a “rathole,” and “the terror of our childhood” after a City Federation of Women’s Clubs inspection. It housed returning First World War soldiers in 1919, and was the school for the Old Town’s Chinese and Japanese students beginning in the 1920s. This photo shows it just before demolition began in 1941.

atkinson school demolished 19410405(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

Atkinson School, c1892

Atkinson School was Portland’s first high school; it opened in 1869 with 45 students and two teachers. Originally called North School, another school was built even farther north in about 1890, creating confusion. The school took up the entire block between NW 11th & 12th Avenues, Couch and Davis Streets. This view is southwest at 11th and Davis. It was demolished in 1941.

A2004-002.3077 atkinson public school c1892(City of Portland Archives)