8 thoughts on “Vista Bridge, 1927

  1. Should it not be, “Looking south from Market St” rather than “Madison”? Or did the street names change.

  2. I wish they would put that streetcar line back in and use some of the old style cars. I vaguely remember it when I was a very young kid, but it was gone by the time I could take interest in it. I think it was taken out in the late 40’s or early 50’s.

  3. here’s another interesting view of the bridge with streetcar construction on it:

    Pat: you’re right, the last streetcars to Council Crest Park were in 1949, but the cars still to Patton in 1950.

  4. To those that grew up in Portland during the 1970’s, the Vista Bridge was known as Suicide Bridge because it was a favorite ending place for despondent people. Note the fence along the pedestrian sidewalks in the Google Street View.

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