16 thoughts on “SW 3rd Avenue, 1931

  1. The house on left is still there. The viaduct is the Southern Pacific RR (pre Barbur Bvld) and the road on the hillside is SW Broadway Dr?

  2. that road is on top of a lot of un-compacted fill.would not want to be there when the “big” one hits

  3. If you google (maps) 811 SW Broadway Dr. you will see (I think) the houses with the broad porches/balconies. How cool is that?

  4. And the farm house at the very crest of the hill at SW Davenport & Tangent Streets had a pear orchard above and behind it.

  5. If you look closely, you can see Asbury Barbur (the father of Barbur Blvd) and assistant, standing on RR bridge planning the massive fill at Duniway Park.

  6. If you look at John Killen’s modern street view and pan over to the left, it appears that the still extant Victorian on that corner lost a turret at some point.

  7. I really wish they’d rename the whole Sheridan/Caruthers/3rd/Arthur/Kelly/Corbett thing with just one name. “Ross Island Bridge Road” maybe?

  8. a quarry – the artificially sharp right-angle corners are the tell.

    that, and the 1901 sanborn that says ‘abandoned stone quarry!’

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