Inman-Poulson Lumber Dock, c1937

Recently we saw an aerial view of part of the Inman-Poulson Lumber Co. property along the east bank of the Willamette River. Today’s circa 1937 photo shows the freighter San Marcos tied up at the Inman-Poulson dock, loading sawn lumber for some unknown destination. It’s a fantastic photo, rich in detail, looking north up down the river with the Portland skyline in the distance.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “Inman-Poulson Lumber Dock, c1937

  1. Love the big “4%” sign visible in the distance.

    And is that seawall construction still going on across the river?

  2. As Lynette points out “Lots to see”

    The San Marcos is very likely a Inman-Poulson owned vessel judging from the haste with which it is being loaded. There is a barge loaded with lumber tied up along side at the bow and probably another at the stern in order to hasten the process. When this ship leaves the dock it is going to be almost as unsinkable as a cork due to the amount of lumber in it’s holds as well as above decks. A lot of the sawn lumber and all of the dry, (lighter colored) in view here is destined for this voyage. The truck is likely delivering from the chandlers.

    Who is that offering 4% on deposits. Has to be deposits, I’m guessing as my parents will get 2.5 % from the Prudential on their new house in 1937.

    Nice one

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