Inman-Poulson Lumber Dock, c1937

Recently we saw an aerial view of part of the Inman-Poulson Lumber Co. property along the east bank of the Willamette River. Today’s circa 1937 photo shows the freighter San Marcos tied up at the Inman-Poulson dock, loading sawn lumber for some unknown destination. It’s a fantastic photo, rich in detail, looking north up down the river with the Portland skyline in the distance.

(City of Portland Archives)

Port of Portland Shops & Drydock, 1924

Before the Port of Portland developed facilities on Swan Island, its shops and drydock were a bit downriver just north of the Burlington Northern bridge, nestled in a cove on the east bank of the Willamette River. Sanborn Maps also shows “Western Cooperage Co, Barrel Stock Factory” alongside the elevated BN tracks. The cove, off N. Edgewater Street, is empty property today but shows signs of earlier habitation such as concrete slabs and pilings in the water. The railroad bridge’s original stationary spans are still in place but the swing-span was replaced with a lift-span in 1989.

(Library of Congress)