Unidentified Neighborhood, c1930

The City of Portland Archives has provided another stack of unidentified homes, scenes and locations around the Portland area for us to find. We begin today with this image of a neighborhood circa 1930 and have very little to go on; even the sign pointing to Hwy 99 is blurred just enough so we can’t tell if it’s 99E or 99W. Happy hunting!

Found: N Interstate Ave. & Greeley St.

(City of Portland Archives)

15 thoughts on “Unidentified Neighborhood, c1930

  1. That area right around 20th and Division going into Ladd’s Addition I think? There is a triangular traffic divider there, and if this is looking North, then 99 would be to the left. Maybe not. There’s an incline in the photo.

  2. I’ll throw this out there- but without time this morning to confirm with Sanborn maps. It might just be wishful thinking but could this be the area around where Greeley meets Interstate Avenue, that is today under the Fremont Bridge? Before I-5 the hillside to the west of Interstate was terraced with streets. Two points in favor of this theory: Interstate Avenue was Hwy 99W, hence the sign, and the roof line high up on the hill looks like it could be that of the Finnish Hall, now Kaiser Town Hall, in its original location which was on the edge of the bluff.

  3. Also, the only house I see here with a barn-like roof is two stories – Kaiser Town Hall is three. But I do like this idea that this is near where Greeley meets Interstate.

  4. I remembered where I have some areal photos.

    I am now pretty certain (99%) that this is indeed at the intersection of Interstate and Greeley looking north on a street that no longer exists: a continuation of Delay street that was not incorporated into Interstate Avenue, which veered to the left (west) on a new grade @1929. Laura is right, the Finnish Hall would not be in this picture, being further north and west. The houses facing the camera are where Delay met with Cook Street to form a T shaped intersection. The entire area has been altered beyond recognition by I-5 and its accompanying earthwork.

    The areal photo I have is later, but most of the houses are still in it, as is the small island in the road, which was immediately to the north of a larger (and maybe later) one. The billboard shows up in my areal as well.

  5. If Dan is right, the house on the bluff is still on N Michigan shrouded in trees. There is a newer home place at an angle next to it now.

  6. This wouldn’t have been the Greeley intersection. It’s an intersection that no longer exists at I believe N. Monroe at N. Missouri. This would be right under the overpass from I-405 to I-5 north.

  7. Yes, Dan Haneckow is right. Here is an aerial from an earlier VP post showing this area. Almost all the houses in the photo can also be seen in the aerial.

    @ Dennis: Yes, the Greely and Interstate photo is taken from a little south and looking just slightly northwest of where the current photo is so that the location of the current photo would be just off to the right of your linked photo (looking up the the street that is on the same alignment that Interstate is leaving to the northwest). I’d guess it was likely they were taken at the same time.

    @Cyrus: I think you’re right too — that house has the right roof line, even the little “extension” on what is the southwest corner of the house. According to zillow, it was built in 1937 while it’s angled neighbor (the one not in this photo) was built in 1942. This would fit the timeline, given that I suspect this photo was taken at the same time as the one linked by Dennis, which is 1940.

  8. My first thought without reading these comments was that it was somewhere around Interstate ave. Just has that feel to it.

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