Works Projects in Portland, 1930-1940: Creating Jobs and Building Community

The Archives is proud to present its newest online exhibit, Works Projects in Portland, 1930-1940: Creating Jobs and Building Community. This exhibit highlights the public works programs that began in the 1930s and improved roads, enhanced parks, and provided recreation opportunities for the public. The various public works projects alleviated unemployment issues and had long lasting effects, establishing many of the parks and road systems we use today. Works Projects in Portland provides insight into the projects funded by the Civic Emergency Relief program, the Civil Works Administration, the Civil State Emergency Administration, and the Works Progress Administration. View it here!

A slight change to comments

I want to apologize for the racist and hateful comments and images that were posted in the message board over the weekend. This is an ongoing issue and I’ve taken several steps to minimize the impact to our Vintage Portland community, but these steps are not enough.  Many have asked about blocking the individual(s), which we do; however, new email and IP addresses are the standard workaround, and they pop up again, so I’m taking the next step. For the time being, comments will be moderated.  

Moderated comments mean a delay in posting because I’ll need to approve the comments before they’ll show up on the Vintage Portland page. I’ve been hesitant to do this because it will affect the way conversations flow; after all, the message board discussions are what makes this community so special. However, I am confident the discussions will still flourish with the new process.

Please keep in mind, this is site run by the City of Portland and is staffed only during City business hours. While I am not able to monitor the site constantly, I will approve comments throughout the day. Comments submitted during the evening hours and over the weekend will not be approved until the next day we are open for business.  If you have any concerns or have knowledge of WordPress functions that can help us deal with hateful trolls, please let me know.