Civil Defense in Portland

The City of Portland Archives is excited to announce a new online exhibit, Civil Defense in Portland: 1936-1963. The Civil Defense programs were created as a response to improved flying capabilities and the potential for an air strike during war time. These programs ranged from training citizens to respond to potential attacks to developing civil defense infrastructure. This exhibit explores the trajectories of the programs and the eventual end of the Civil Defense era. The online exhibit accompanies a physical exhibit at the Portland Archives and Records Center.

Mike Lindberg

The Portland Archives and Records Center Oral History Program is pleased to present our first oral history with former elected official and city employee, Mike Lindberg. Lindberg has a long history of serving the city of Portland and his community and we are honored that he agreed to serve as our inaugural interviewee.

Click here to view the entire interview and transcript.

Portland and the Commission Form of Government

The Archives is excited to announce a new online exhibit, Portland and the Commission Form of Government. Portland has a long history operating under the commission form of government. This exhibit highlights what led to the implementation of commission form of government, how city council operates as a result, and the challenges since its adoption over a century ago. View it here!

Works Projects in Portland, 1930-1940: Creating Jobs and Building Community

The Archives is proud to present its newest online exhibit, Works Projects in Portland, 1930-1940: Creating Jobs and Building Community. This exhibit highlights the public works programs that began in the 1930s and improved roads, enhanced parks, and provided recreation opportunities for the public. The various public works projects alleviated unemployment issues and had long lasting effects, establishing many of the parks and road systems we use today. Works Projects in Portland provides insight into the projects funded by the Civic Emergency Relief program, the Civil Works Administration, the Civil State Emergency Administration, and the Works Progress Administration. View it here!