Kelly Butte, 1963

This 1963 aerial view shows Kelly Butte and surrounding area looking northeast. Much of the neighborhood in the lower left would be leveled for the I-205 freeway, Tri-Met garage, City of Portland’s Communications Services Building, and Ed Benedict City Park.

(City of Portland Archives)

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15 Responses to “Kelly Butte, 1963”

  1. portlandpreservation Says:

    To the far far left – 96th is basically now I-205. South of and parallel to Powell was cleared because it was the route for the Mt. Hood Freeway. Ed Benedict Park, Tri-Met, etc… now reside on former MHF land.

  2. kevin habberstad Says:

    What was the massive structure on 97th and Powell?

  3. Ron Hylton Says:

    If I’m not mistaked Kelly Butte was home to the Portland Civil Defense heagquaters–during the Cold War era. I seem to rmember going to an open house there with my parents in the late 1950s-early 1960s. Does anyone recall same?

  4. Marco Says:

    The massive structure at 97th and Powell is the old Isolation Hospital.

  5. Kirk J. Poole Says:

    Yeah, it was called Morningside Hospital or something. I have to consult my map collection. I have a ’64 city roadmap somewhere that shows it.

  6. Marco Says:

    After the City Isolation Hospital closed it seems to have been taken over by a private company and turned into the “Eastport Nursing Home,” which closed in the early ’70s due to poor conditions.

  7. Marco Says:

  8. Marco Says:

    Morningside Hospital was at 96th and Stark.

  9. Kirk J. Poole Says:

    Marco, remember the nursing home on Flavel Dr. that closed and got bulldozed after several patients were accidentally killed (late ’70s?). A small park today…a block or two off 52nd.

  10. Marco Says:

    Kirk -That was before my time. Looks like you’re referring to McCarthy Nursing Home, formerly at 5368 SE Flavel Dr and current location of Hazeltine Park. I haven’t found anything about patient deaths, but it appears to have closed between ’74 and ’78.

  11. Mike Says:

    Anyone remember the fireworks factory on 83rd and Powell past Flannagans Resturant. Exploded in the early ’60’s killing one worker.

  12. Caroline Zeigler Says:

    104th St Drive In – remember going there quite a few times in the 70’sl

  13. Caroline Zeigler Says:

    Kelly Butte was home to a Civil Defense headquarters. Here is a link to a CSB documentary featuring the center and filmed in Portland in 1957. Interesting to watch

  14. jeff Says:

    This photo is cut off right where I used to live! I’ve been trying to find photos of that old neighborhood for many, many years now. I grew up just behind what used to be Sam Barlow elementary school. I seriously want to find some photos of that old neighborhood! I want them for myself and for my website There used to be a Food Fair, and a Dairy Queen in that area too.

  15. George J Mackris Says:

    Next to the Eastport Nursing Home was the Mult. Co. Sheriff’s pistol/rifle range. I-205 took it out.

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