Kelly Butte, 1963

This 1963 aerial view shows Kelly Butte and surrounding area looking northeast. Much of the neighborhood in the lower left would be leveled for the I-205 freeway, Tri-Met garage, City of Portland’s Communications Services Building, and Ed Benedict City Park.

(City of Portland Archives)

17 thoughts on “Kelly Butte, 1963

  1. To the far far left – 96th is basically now I-205. South of and parallel to Powell was cleared because it was the route for the Mt. Hood Freeway. Ed Benedict Park, Tri-Met, etc… now reside on former MHF land.

  2. If I’m not mistaked Kelly Butte was home to the Portland Civil Defense heagquaters–during the Cold War era. I seem to rmember going to an open house there with my parents in the late 1950s-early 1960s. Does anyone recall same?

  3. Yeah, it was called Morningside Hospital or something. I have to consult my map collection. I have a ’64 city roadmap somewhere that shows it.

  4. After the City Isolation Hospital closed it seems to have been taken over by a private company and turned into the “Eastport Nursing Home,” which closed in the early ’70s due to poor conditions.

  5. Marco, remember the nursing home on Flavel Dr. that closed and got bulldozed after several patients were accidentally killed (late ’70s?). A small park today…a block or two off 52nd.

  6. Kirk -That was before my time. Looks like you’re referring to McCarthy Nursing Home, formerly at 5368 SE Flavel Dr and current location of Hazeltine Park. I haven’t found anything about patient deaths, but it appears to have closed between ’74 and ’78.

  7. Anyone remember the fireworks factory on 83rd and Powell past Flannagans Resturant. Exploded in the early ’60’s killing one worker.

  8. This photo is cut off right where I used to live! I’ve been trying to find photos of that old neighborhood for many, many years now. I grew up just behind what used to be Sam Barlow elementary school. I seriously want to find some photos of that old neighborhood! I want them for myself and for my website There used to be a Food Fair, and a Dairy Queen in that area too.

  9. Next to the Eastport Nursing Home was the Mult. Co. Sheriff’s pistol/rifle range. I-205 took it out.

  10. my home was on 96th ave , Frances st. dead ended into our yard. the Mt Hood freeway /I205 interchange took our house out along with the whole neighborhood. I went to Barlow grade school

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