16 thoughts on “SE 39th Avenue, 1965

  1. Great visual of the transition between cars that had white, reverse lights and those that didn’t. I think CA mandated it in 1964 (our 1964 Galaxie had ’em, the 1963 in the pic doesn’t, but the Mustang does). Seatbelts were probably only in that Mustang (maybe a few others?) unless they were dealer installed or after-market. I remember my brother hauling tail and sliding all over the slick, front bench seat.
    The low-grade gas, adjusted for inflation, would be about $2.75 a gallon today, I believe.

  2. So much interesting detail in this image! Lots of identifiable cars, a clear view of 39th and Hawthorne, and gas at 28¢ a gallon. What’s not to love?

  3. Wow, an old public phone booth & newspaper stands on street corners, and of course, cheap gas prices at what may have been a “full-service gas station” (a fillup, with offers of a tire check, a “check under the hood” and window cleaning) with “complimentary” water and air available on the pump island.

    Traffic backup at this light hasn’t changed much, but now usually heavier in ALL directions.

    Looks like the GM products rule in this photo…& there’s even an early Datsun import pickup in the shot.

  4. Does anyone remember: when did the gas station go out and the bank building go in? What was it before it was Chase (wasn’t there another bank there first)? Lived in this general area since 1974 and trying to get my brain to remember the changes.

  5. The related VP photo on May 10, 2021 looks like it was taken after the traffic light changed in today’s pic. Many of the same vehicles.

  6. Kind of hard to tell but looks like the switch to Green and white street signs had taken place at this time. In a way it’s too bad that widespread ownership of cars didn’t come sooner because so many streets like Caesar Chavez , Burnside 82nd 122nd etc etc had to be widened after cars became popular. That created narrow lanes and narrow sidewalks.

  7. Katie the gas station on the Southeast corner in the photo is Art’s Hawthorne Shell. In the 1980’s (84-85 ?) a Far West Federal Savings was built which later became Washington Mutual Saving Bank, and now is a Chase Bank.

  8. Love that ’57 Chevy on Hawthorne. My dad had a base model that he used to teach me to drive manual shift. My dad had the patience of a saint!

  9. There was a Whiz burger just to the North of this pic on the east side. Little further down is Linus Pauling house on same side.

  10. That little ’62 Buick had an optional 215 Aluminum V-8 with 190 HP. I want one so bad, but they cost a fortune. Great photo of the past.

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