16 thoughts on “SW Washington Street, circa 1962

  1. On the right foreground is Pietro Belluschi’s Commonwealth Building (formerly, the Equitable Building). Constructed between 1944 and 1948, it is one of the earliest examples of use of curtain walls. Next to it on Broadway is the Imperial Hotel (now Vintage Plaza). Interesting juxtaposition of the historical with the modern (even though, the Commonwealth Building is now considered historical).

  2. Here’s today’s view, looking west, the photographer shooting from SW 6th and Washington.

    If you look at the 2007 and 2009 google map images, you can see the Equitable/Commonwealth building get any even glassier make-over. Great info Jim!

    No surprise, Portland had the World’s Finest Pipes. I wonder where some of those are now. And Arthur Leon. E-files says the photo record date for this image is Oct 31, but I see no signs of Halloween. One cultural phenomena ends as another begins.

  3. The boy on the corner is talking to his mom about his Halloween costume. I wonder if the tall gentleman was “a minister of silly walks?”
    An early-style V-Dub is seen here.

  4. Sherman Clay, West up Street. A favorite haunt of mine in the ’60s. Got lovely counsel stereo with a ‘reel-to-reel” tap deck

  5. That can not be 1962. Front end center is the rear of a 1963 Ford and to the left is the rear of a 1964 Pontiac. Probably some newer cars but photo quality not good enough to identify them.

  6. Mike Slama— You are correct.

    Excerpt from the Oregonian 3/8/59 when the Equitable/ Commonwealth building announced plans to added 2 additional stories.

    “It will be the second major addition to the building. A four story addition was completed last year to the two story back section of the structure”

  7. Middle of the photo, parked in front of the entrance to the Commonwealth Building, is a DKW van. Unusual in Portland. I could not find evidence of any DKW dealers in Portland. Maybe it was a one off import by someone who liked the DKW van more than a VW van.
    Anyone have any information on DKW in Portland?

  8. I would suspect Irv Leopold Imports. They were importers for a fairly eclectic mix of cars including Deutsch-Bonnet. A neighbor at that time had a DKW sedan.

  9. Rambo Motors on Broadway and Union was a DKW dealer. I bought a 1959 Auto Union 1000SP from a salesman that worked there. It was later Broadway Toyota. I also owned a 1959 DKW House Car which was built on the DKW Schnellaster chassis and used it’s cab.

  10. In front of the DKW is a 1964 Ford Falcon convertible. The Galaxie is a ’63-1/2 and the Pontiac is a ’64. “Circa 1962” may be off a little.

  11. Ahhhh to have the vibrancy and shear energy of that Downtown again! It was in itself everybodies neighborhood when they came to visit from where ever one’s home was in the city.

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