11 thoughts on “Eastmoreland Golf Course, circa 1960

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  2. I’m not sure about the date – Would a woman in 1960 really be wearing that outfit to play golf? By then, I think trousers for women were the style for golfing by then.

  3. Looks like these two are waiting for the players in front of them to play through. One of the players in the distance is taking a shot and one of the players is keeping an eye on these two to make sure they don’t drive a ball in their direction.

    I’m not a golfer, but I’ve had many meals in the clubhouse restaurant here.

  4. I have nothing but respect for these golfers. I think they look great in their attire. Leave them be.

  5. It will cause a major controversy but someday they are going to remove the dam on Crystal Springs Creek that’s used to create the water features on that golf course.

  6. The attire looks correct to me. Especially the guy. Ben Hogan had been a great influence on golfers in the 50’s. Lots of people emulating his look especially the hat. If I didn’t know better I would say they don’t tee off that direction anymore. Hole rerouted? Just a guess.

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