SW Ash Street, 1971

Rescue 1 unit parked in the Station 1 garage, located at 55 SW Ash Street, 1971.

City of Portland (OR) Archives, Rescue 1 unit parked in station garage with inventory organized next to it, A2001-083, 1971.

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12 thoughts on “SW Ash Street, 1971

  1. Now all we need is John Gage, Roy DeSoto and hottie Dixie McCall.
    “Rampart 51….”

  2. In the Oregonian during this era, there were a number of mentions of the fire station at 55 SW Ash, with events such as “a five week course in the latest methods of fire prevention” in its auditorium (January 24, 1960, p. 18); a panel discussion on fire protection in the metropolitan area held in the third-floor auditorium of the station (April 29, 1964, p. 40), and the request for contributions for the “Toy and Joymakers” to be deposited at the station (November 12, 1966, p. 18).

    There were a number of want ads advertising used vehicles to be purchased from the station, as well. In 1963, a photo appeared on page 44 of the October 23 issue picturing two adult men and a group of children proudly holding up their artwork. The cutline says: “A fire engine of their own for a day is the prize for each of these four winners in the annual Fire Prevention poster and slogan contest.” [The children got] fire engine rides to and from school Friday…. Fire Marshall James H. Riopelle and Fire Chief Dale F. Gilman are in the photo.

  3. Yes, thats papercup dispenser. That square cutout above the rear wheel is water spout.
    Fire-Rescue workers get thirsty. Nowdays they carry a case of plastic bottles.

  4. Portland Fire and Rescue has an updated version of this vehicle type. It’s kept at Station 9, Hawthorne District. It’s known as Mobile 9.

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