12 thoughts on “NE 47th Avenue, 1960

  1. I grew up just a few blocks south in laurelhurst. Being 31, I was convinced those apartments had been there since the dawn of time! Such a cool picture.

  2. Must have removed a fair amount of soil when they built the apartment complex that is there now. Blue street signs are still there. Have seen those signs in photos up to 1964. Not sure when they were all replaced.

  3. Wow, things were much more pleasant looking sixty years ago before that humongous apartment block went up; that was a great craftsman on the corner. This area is a high traffic-congested mess nowadays and probably always has been to varying degrees through the years.

  4. Wow, that was a beautiful house – and their view of downtown and the west hills would have been fantastic. I always thought those apartments were ugly, even when I was a kid. Now, that I see what was there before . . . it’s too bad.

  5. Above the comments click on the related photo of NE 47th ave. 1925, and today’s house can be seen at the top and just to the right of the power pole with the Wasco sign on it.

  6. I lived in that apartment building in 1980-81. Beautiful view of downtown. At that time it was owned by Norm and Helen Stoll, who ran a dance studio.

  7. This photo brings back a fun memory. I remember first noticing that large craftsman house in the summer of the later 1950’s. I was fascinated to watch kids who lived there playing with friends on that steep slope of front lawn descending to NE 47th; the owners did not water the lawn, allowing it to die back naturally to a dry golden brown thatch. The kids cut out large pieces of cardboard, using them to sit on and slide down the front lawn at a pretty good clip. Since it looked like so much fun, I played copy cat by making the same cardboard “sleds” to glide down the sun dried slope of nearby Frazier Park behind my family home. Probably lots of other kids in PDX did the same (or still do?) where they had access to similar terrain in summer.

  8. Mike…The blue street signs, round arc style street lamps were replaced from early to mid sixties. It took them awhile to do the entire city.

  9. @RogerV… Yup, the good ‘ol Hollywood Lanai, built in 1961. My ex used to live here in 2010-ish, still owned by the Stoll’s. Just checked PortlandMaps—believe it or not STILL owned by Norman and Helen Stoll.

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