13 thoughts on “Front Avenue Sewer Project, 1927

  1. The tank in the background was for storing manufactured gas for Portland Gas and Coke which later became Northwest Natural Gas. Northwest Natural Gas later built there HQ building on that site. It was later sold to ODOT who now has there region one HQ there.

  2. Can someone help me out here, please? I haven’t lived in Portland for years, so I can’t place that bridge on the right. Which bridge is it? Thanks.

  3. Yikes, what a mess – such a huge undertaking. The tugboat captains certainly had their work cut out for them. That wee tug next to the barge full of wet dirt is quite dwarfed by the others. “Asbestos Cork”, “Preferred Stock Canned Goods”…lovely.

  4. Susan to the left of the gasometer (gas storage tank) you can see the Union Station Tower thru the Bekins Storage sign.

  5. Lou L-P, you missed Gold Dust. Portland was involved in gold in one way or another since the California Gold Rush. If it hadn’t have been for the farmers of the Willamette and Tualitian valleys the people in California would have starved.

  6. The Gold dust sign is in reference to a cleaning product. Heard of the “gold dust twins”? Well they are pictured here. They manufactured cleansers and things of that nature . Allen and Lewis were both Portland old timers with palatial homes in the area. I have an olive oil bottle embossed with their names on it.

  7. Roger V, Tanner Cr empties near NW 14th and Balch Cr near Thurman St.

    This construction was for the interceptor which runs along the waterfront. The current evidence of this part of the system is the pump station in Waterfront Park near the Burnside Br.

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