N Kiska Street, circa 1944

View of N Kiska Street and N Foss Avenue from roof of the University Homes Administration and Community building, circa 1944. University Homes was a wartime housing complex run by the Housing Authority of Portland. The complex was located south of North Columbia Boulevard with the eastern edge at N Chautauqua Boulevard.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2001-025.432

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2001-025.432


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10 thoughts on “N Kiska Street, circa 1944

  1. Kiska and Attu are still street names in North Portland. Named after US islands seiezed by the Japanese in WW 2

  2. Looking at Bob’s air photo, you’ll a see a smoke plume heading to the east. That’s from Pacific Carbide and Alloys, where I drove fork lift during my college summers in the ’70’s.

    In 1945, they were making the acetylene gas for welding at the ship yards.

    Dustiest place I ever saw…

  3. Mike, I don’t know how they compare, but it sounds very similar to my youthful summer job working in a grass seed plant. The dust and airborne chaff could be so great during off-loading of the farmer’s trucks, we had to wear disposable respirators. Our down time was spent sweeping the loading bay floors.

    Since I wore glasses, I’d look like a raccoon by the time I got home.

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