N Lombard Street, Circa 1931

Two young women standing outside an establishment located at 784 West Lombard Street, circa 1931. This became 5232 N Lombard Street after street renumbering. The sign out front simply says “EAT.”


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2008-001.21

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2008-001.21


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8 thoughts on “N Lombard Street, Circa 1931

  1. I got a good laugh from the fact that someone must have thought it was necessary to add a period after the word “EAT.”

  2. Looks like some well-to-do gentlemen are dining to the right. Love the old plate glass reflections in the windows, as well.

  3. This address (as given by VP) had various uses over the years. Per Portland Maps, the commercial property at 5232 Lombard was built in 1925, but the numbered address also appears in newspaper business for sale ads and funeral notices as far back as 1911. When advertised as a business, the ads usually mentioned that “nice living quarters” came with; maybe there once was a second story or other attached dwelling not shown in this photo? In addition to the restaurant, it served as a dress shop (1920s) and variety store (1940s-1950s).

    The ladies in the ca. 1931 photo look like older sister/mother (left) and younger sister/daughter (right). The mother looks like she works there or is the proprietor (wearing an apron).

  4. When I was a student at U of P in the late 1980s and early 1990s, this was the minors’ entrance to the Twilight Room, when it was obligated to have separate seating areas for those over and under 21.

  5. These pics of some storefront along with its proprietors are some of the most interesting of the archive photos.

    I haven’t checked, but this series must’ve been taken at nearly the same period, and the picture’s style and tone suggests a single photographer.

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