13 thoughts on “W Burnside Street, 1931

  1. Interesting…Firestone has been on that site for over 84 years. Love the roadster with the open rumble seat parked in there. Now, to the immediate left stands the Pietro Belluschi Federal Reserve Bldg.

  2. Brian,

    That’s actually the AT&T Building :-). The Federal Reserve Building is one block up and a block to the left. But the two buildings do compliment one another. I’m still partial to the more ornate building in the 1931 photo though.

  3. In the 1950s and 1960s part of the tire company building housed United Radio, which sold all sorts of electronic parts. It was a place often visited by those of us who took classes in electronics at Benson Tech.

    What has long fascinated me about these old photographs are the 4-globe streetlights. When did the city start switching over to the more ornate type we see today and why was the change made? Nothing against the present lights, just wondering why this was done. It couldn’t have been a cheap project.

  4. Don’t know when they were replaced but the “cluster lights” on Burnside and Stark were installed in 1911. There was a street lighting bond measure in the late fifties that resulted in the replacement of miles of old lamps.

  5. I can’t believe Firestone has been in that same spot so long. Amazing! I’ve also often thought of how nice it would be if AT&T would move out and some developer could buy that 50’s building and cut a bunch of retail windows along the Burnside sidewalk. Arcading that stretch would be awesome!

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