Waterfront Park, 1983

This image provides of view from Waterfront Park, looking towards the Burnside Bridge, in 1983. This area has transformed since this image was taken.


Waterfront Park looking toward Burnside Bridge, 1983: A2011-008.14

Waterfront Park looking toward Burnside Bridge, 1983: A2011-008.14


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10 thoughts on “Waterfront Park, 1983

  1. Great photo,
    That lower dock is still there but looks like a trash barge with all sorts of litter dropped down onto it. They city really needs to do something about it.
    It’s too bad that they lost the river access there. The only public river access in downtown on the west side now is at Riverplace.
    If the city had a public dock there, people on the river could potentially tie up and get food at Saturday Market, or enjoy a downtown restaurant.

  2. Hey…it’s only been 31 years since that photo was taken…31 YEARS! Can you believe it? Seems like only yesterday! The entire city was so excited about the whole project…it had only been “open” for five years then, and here we are today…all these many years later, and we’re STILL excited about OUR park…and proud of it too…and how it has transformed OUR city! And it just keeps getting better and better!

  3. I just pushed refresh and…wow. I like the new format. I hope everyone else will too. I have wondered, when we find the correct locations to some of the mystery pics. Are the city records updated to reflect the true locations? We never hear back.

  4. Dan S…I thought I’d check out the site one more time today and did the same thing…I clicked on “My Favorites”…and POP: A new format!

    Nicely done, Vintage people…nicely done…two thumbs up…I’d give you more but I’ve only got two!! 🙂

  5. As someone who likes “old Portland”, I’m going to say I liked the old format better.
    It was nicer in the good ‘ol days.

    Just kidding. 😀

    Thank you all for keeping this site up and fresh!

  6. I like the new format. If I wasn’t already used to that font from the last couple of iOS updates I might not, but now I’m pretty used to it, and that looks exactly like iOS8. anyway, as for the picture, I really wish that part of the park still looked like that. I really think it looks cool with the multiple levels and being able to get down to the water would be great!

  7. Hi. I appreciate your trying to update the site. For me, though, the comments are hard to find (it didn’t say “comments”), and the text on the comments is too small, for those of us who don’t have giant monitors. It’s also a font that’s not easy to read. Perhaps some tweaking is possible, unless it’s a package deal.

  8. was this the site of the longshoremen’s memorial? when we first moved here, there was a memorial to ‘bloody thursday’ on a floating pier – closed off, but i recall a council
    member promising to fix it up… possibly leonard. now, when i ask about, even lifetime residents claim not to have
    heard of it.

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