RL Cate Real Estate Ad, 1906

Industrial smoke was apparently a sign of a strong and vibrant city a century ago. Real estate man R.L. Cate certainly played up what we’d consider pollution today in his richly illustrated ad, calling particular attention to timber, hops and wool.

rl cate 19061222(University of Oregon Libraries)

Portland Aerial Panorama, 1965

Portland stretches out from the west side to Mt. Hood in the distance in this nice 1965 aerial photo. It was a dynamic time for the city; I-5 was under construction in Northeast and North Portland and Lloyd Center and the Memorial Coliseum were recently completed. On the west side, the South Auditorium Urban Renewal District had leveled South Portland but demolition had not yet begun for I-405. The Marquam Bridge piers take shape crossing the Willamette.

A2005-001.813 Portland aerial view of portion of region 1965(City of Portland Archives)

Portland from Above Piggot’s Castle, 1907

Portland spreads out below Piggot’s Castle in this nice 1907 bird’s eye view. The 1892 castle still sits on SW Buckingham Drive and is visible up the hill from the foot of SW Broadway looking south. Broadway is seen here on the left.

(City of Portland Archives)

Aerial View of Portland, c1969

Another spectacular aerial view overlooking downtown Portland and all the way east to Mount Hood. The downtown core was ringed by freeways in the late 1960s but I-405 was not complete yet; there’s still a temporary bypass at West Burnside over the excavated freeway. The Vista Ridge tunnels would be completed in 1969 and 1970, alleviating traffic under the Vista Avenue Viaduct and on SW Jefferson Street (lower right).

(City of Portland Archives)