St. Johns Fire Station, circa 1932

This photograph shows a number man standing outside the old St. Johns City Hall and fire station in 1932. The structure on the left of the image was identified as a bandstand, according to the envelope the image came in. The old City Hall still stands today and is located at 7214 N Philadelphia Avenue, and now serves as the Portland Police Bureau Training Division building.


St. Johns fire station and bandstand, 1932: A2009-009.2609

St. Johns fire station and bandstand, circa 1932: A2009-009.2609


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13 thoughts on “St. Johns Fire Station, circa 1932

  1. Yeah, English ivy is a designated invasive specie here and damages everything it clings to. After the revolution, It was Britain’s way of leaving a trailing legacy on everything….

  2. Does anyone know when…or about when. they tore down the bandstand? I know I’m not old enough to remember it, but it sure looks familiar…and it’s driving me crazy! Even if it had not been mentioned in the description of the photo, I would have already known what it was…hmmmm…I wonder why? Like I said…it’s driving me crazy! Thanks!

  3. The St. Johns booster club announced in Feb.1964 that they would under take a remodel of the grounds. By the way residents of St. Johns voted for annexation in 1915 by a majority of 300 something.

  4. Dave Johnson, since the building occupies its own triangular mini-block, I suppose you could say it’s on both Burlington and Philadelphia.

  5. The building at the left/center of the pic looks to be a restroom? The windows are open and it resembles the ones in downtown Portland. Just wondering if it was or not.

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