Eastbank & Banfield Freeway Connection

Prompted by this earlier post, VP fan Chris was wondering how the Banfield Freeway (US30) connected with OR99E (Grand and Union Avenue couplet) before I5 was constructed (see his comment here). This 1962 photo shows the Banfield passing under Grand and Union Avenues (refer to the first post), then emptying out on NE 3rd at Davis. Left lane traffic turns on Couch for Union Avenue south and the Burnside Bridge. Right lane traffic passes under the Burnside Bridge, turning left on Ankeny to get to Grand Avenue northbound.

Note how land is being cleared in the upper left for the I5 path through North Portland.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “Eastbank & Banfield Freeway Connection

  1. Excellent site! Thanks for digging this stuff up! Where did the map come from? Also, if you find any more freeway construction/railroad pics please post them.

  2. Does anyone know of a stadiumof some sort being located in the area of Sullivan’s Gulch and Union pre 1951 or whenever the Lloyd Center was built?

  3. Look at the full parking lots at the MC. Must’ve been a daytime Buckaroos playoff game? (Trees have foliage)

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