Eastbank Freeway Construction, 1962

It was at this point that Portland lost its eastbank river frontage to pedestrian-friendly use, perhaps forever. Directly below is the east end of the Morrison Bridge with new ramps that will connect to what will become I-5 through Portland. Industrial property had been cleared and the freeway path is visible heading north, curving around the new Memorial Coliseum partially visible in upper left.

(City of Portland Archives)

One thought on “Eastbank Freeway Construction, 1962

  1. the only thing the ponders me is US 30 was the banfield as of 1960 according to the state highway history books i’ve looked up…since I trust your resorces dan, I always assumed it terminated on the wide street that is Ash street which filters onto grand and eventually MLK (which was Union Ave at the time) and therefore the sign that said “right lane, burnside bridge” made sense to me in one of your previous blogs.

    Pretty much its this: I’m interested in how US 30 and US 99 found alignments before I-5 and I-84 existed. I know the current ramps we use for NB and SB lanes off WB I-84 were built between 1960-1965, I’m just trying to fill in the gaps.

    Any photographs or documentation would be most helpful.

    –chris (quasitraction on youtube, if that helps?)

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