11 thoughts on “SE Holgate Boulevard, 1933

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  2. A gas pump off of the left margin indicates that there was a gas station on the northeast corner of this intersection at this time, whereas the one today is situated on the southwest corner.

    These workers appear to have recently arrived at the job site and were, getting shovels, talking & putting on work gloves. I can hear, “Are you doing anything on New Years’ eve, tomorrow?” No, staying home, or getting together with friends at home…

  3. Oregon Journal January 3. 1934 page 17

    CWA Workers Send Greetings To F. R.

    When pay envelopes were distributed last Saturday to 200 CWA workers on the Southeast Holgate project, “the gang” decided to send New Year’s greetings to President Roosevelt. The message follows:

    “On behalf of approximately 200 employees of the Civil Works administration, project 80, Portland Or. we take this opportunity to wish you the compliments of the season and to thank you and your administration for the immeasurable benefits we are deriving from your efforts in creating the great CWA humanitarian act. In expressing our appreciation we wish also to assure you of our undivided future support. Signed 200 field representatives and personnel of project No. 80”

    The message expense donation of a few cents each was not was not exhausted by telegraph tolls, and the rest of a few dollars was turned over to a destitute family in the immediate neighborhood.

  4. Remember the “men below please don’t throw” signs? The last one I can recall was somewhere around the Sellwood bridge. They were politically incorrect by then. Nice photo.

  5. I rode my bike many a time through this neighborhood on my way to Eastmoreland and the Rhododendron Gardens in the 60s.

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