10 thoughts on “SE Division Street, 1944

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  2. There currently is a New York City outfit that specializes in fertility drugs that goes by the name of Everready Drugs LLC, but I couldn’t find anything on the drug store pictured here.

    Does the sign read, “3 Hour Parking”?

  3. This illustrates again the big difference in lens used in many vintage photos, and in Google Street View. The Ever Ready Drug Store that seems a stone’s throw away in the vintage photo is the distant red building on the corner of 41st in wploulorenziprince’s Google Street View link.

  4. Ever Ready or Eveready Drug as it is spelled in news stories was owned by Nick Sckavone a very well known name in Portland sports. Nick Sckavone opened his store at 4040 SE Division in approx. 1931 and prior to that was the manager of Sellwood pharmacy, and while at Sellwood and later at his Eveready drug was the sponsor of many local sports teams. Sckavone stadium in Westmoreland Park is named in his honor.

    Over the years the Eveready has news stories mention burglaries and vandalism at the store, but a rather humorous story was printed in the Oregonian on June 9, 1954.

    The Eveready drug store on Division has a sparrow which flies in almost every day and stays about half an hour looking over the merchandise and perching on displays. Customers thought Nick Sckvone owner of the store, was ribbing when he would tell them about the bird, but soon it flew in while customers were there. Word got around and customers, especially kids go in and wait for the bird to appear. Nick has taken a picture of the bird and is going to frame it in honor of the increase in business it brings him.

  5. In 1959 I lived about 2 blocks from Division and 41st. I was 12 year old. I used to go to Sckavone’s a couple of times a week for their black and white sundae. I believe it was 35 cents then.

  6. Sign on left maybe Damascus for Damascus dairy? I can’t tell. Another example of how there was less crime back then (supposedly). Almost every time I look up one of these stores I find they were crime victims.

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