10 thoughts on “Peninsula Park, 1935

  1. Here are some other notable events from Thursday, 3/28/1935: FDR was off on a cruise entertaining the Duke and Duchess of Kent, and a guest.
    Germany had an election of only Nazi party candidates. The referendum was to approve, after the fact, the German reclamation of sovereignty of the Rhineland in western Germany, an area that had been demilitarized under the Treaty of Versailles; 98.9% of the population voted in support of the Nazis.

    Three most popular names for boys: Robert, James, John; for girls: Shirley, Barbara, Betty.

    Many intelligent, youthful faces here, full of promise for a long life ahead.

  2. Mike I believe you are correct that what is on the wall is a large steam heat radiator. Enlarging the photo you can see 90 degree pipe elbows in the corner and pipe couplings between the lengths of pipe on the wall. Normally you would see a radiator on the floor in a home, but in this gym I believe they placed it high on the wall for safety.

  3. I know it’s a sepia tone photo, but is it just me or are the majority of the young women brunettes? Weird observation I know. Just the first thing that struck me about this photo.

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