16 thoughts on “St. Johns,1976

  1. I lived South of there at Willamette and Burlington in the early 80’s. Remember attending 1st Cathedral park jazz festival. One day in 1985 I walked up to Fred Bauer Chevrolet and bought a brand new Chevy S-10 pickup.

  2. An amazing collection of 70’s land yachts in this photo. They sure don’t make ’em like that anymore.

    Was this taken from a water tower or other high platform? Google shows nothing of that sort in this location back to 2007. Or from a plane? If the latter, it may explain why the two fellows at bottom are looking so interested, it probably buzzed by fairly low.

  3. There is some great stories about the
    police in this area, in Don DuPay’s memoir, “BEHIND THE BADGE IN RIVER CITY” (1961-1978). It was published about 5 years ago. Multcolib has it. It was so good, I read it again, immediately.

  4. TomK click on the related St Johns Precinct 1976 above these comments and you will same 2 men have turned to follow the aircraft in the sky only moments after today’s photo was taken.

  5. Tony, its the former St Johns City Hall, the former St Johns Police Precinct, and now the PPB Traffic Enforcement Bureau

  6. Tony…It was St. Johns city hall and then PPD’s East precinct after that. One can see those old blue and white patrol cars siting in the parking lot.

  7. Ethan, I went to give you thumbs up and hit the wrong hand. Whoops! Dupay’s book is amazing and he tells some interesting tales about the cops that worked out of this building. I think it was one Chief in particular who was really sketchy. This building holds a lot of stories about law enforcement from a different era.

  8. This is the St Johns City Hall building. Construction began in 1906 and was completed in 1907. You will find some information about it on Wikipedia. The city of St Johns was annexed to the city of Portland in 1915.

  9. Tony — Take a look at the “related” item listed near the top of this page — the one that says “St. John’s North Precinct 1976” and you’ll see a discussion that should answer your question quite nicely.

  10. beautiful classical revival building with sand stone cast iron ionic columns & red brick is it on NRHP ?

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