9 thoughts on “SW 6th Avenue, 1907

  1. The four story, brick building on the right was torn down in about 1930 and the last part of Meier and Frank was erected giving that store a full block. Charles F. Berg was displaced and moved to its “new” location on SW Broadway. I believe the name Broadway replaced the name 7th in about 1920.

  2. First image of the Marquam Grand I’ve seen in color. Granted this photo was hand tinted but was it really pink?

  3. ssssteven: If you Google “The Marquam Grand cafe unknown” they have a illustration of the Marquam Grand showing it was red brick, and have additional info such as part of the building collapsed in 1912. I think the color difference in this picture is to show they are two separate buildings.

  4. This hotel was a beautiful building but it’s hard to really imagine a structure of such size occupying the Pioneer Square space.
    Interesting history: original financial backer lost his funding and the completed foundation sat vacant for 5 five years; with two murder victims having their bodies stashed there.
    By 1919 all the tall chimney stacks had been shortened or removed.
    Eleven US Presidents stayed in the hotel and a new set of Haviland China was purchased for each visit.
    Messrs. Meyer & Frank bought the property in 1944 and in 1951 tore it down to put in a multilevel car park (unbelievable).

  5. ssssteven: The building that looks pink is not the Marquam Grand, but it is the 1892-1950 Oregonian building at SW 6th & Alder. The Marquam Grand is the red brick building with pointed roof.

  6. Great photo, Igor! Does anyone know why it says “Meier and Franklo” (or “Frankla”) on the building on the right?

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