22 thoughts on “SE 7th Avenue, 1929

  1. Is that a 443 over the door? Being 1929 there would still be 20 numbers to a block so this would be roughly 2203. But I can’t recall if Stark was still the baseline or not which would make this more like 2703, closer to Clinton. St.

  2. It’s definitely 443. I wish the renumbering conversion book was online! Or maybe it is now? Does anyone know? Very useful for genealogy work.

  3. Igor’s post at 8:58 shows this building as 1 block south of Harrison on west side of street. So the corner E Stephens @ 7th, right?

  4. Stephens is 1 block north of Harrison, I think you want Lincoln. Except make sure there’s not some squished perspective, long angle, whatever it’s called that old photography had. As I stated upstream, my old Pittmon Map puts it a couple blocks further south than that even. Essentially just south of the Division St. angle.

  5. The image posted by Igor shows the two buildings shown in today’s post. So the address 443 would go with the sidestreet which would be Stephens, not 7th. But 443 E Stephens doesn’t show up in that database either.

  6. Are we sure the address isn’t 44 1/2? It would make sense since this is a secondary business off of the main street facade.

  7. The photographer is standing just east of 7th on Stephens shooting North at the two houses. Those two houses are where the parking lot for the Cash and Carry is now. If you look at the picture that Igor posted (also pointing north) taken from 7th and Harrison the house on the immediate left of the photo is still there. Check out the garage, window detail, and concrete work leading into the garage and match it up with the tan house on the left in the street view Brian G posted. Same Same. Nice job everyone!

  8. Cool picture, The plumbing stack suggests constructed before indoor plumbing & sewers.
    Small scale electrical service too. & never seen before telephone protector cutouts left exposed on the side of a building like that !

  9. Perhaps one reason why the address 443 couldn’t be found in the renumbering guide is that the building was demolished before the guide was published. See this previous VP post showing the newly widened SE 7th Ave and the building from today’s photo is already gone. Since the renumbering guide was published in 1931 it’s likely 443 no longer existed (However, there is a 447 Stephens which corrensponds to 711 SE Stephens).

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