10 thoughts on “SE Harrison Street, circa 1932

  1. I think the street looks wide because of the position of the camera, That some of the pavement also lead me to think the street is wider. The portion of the street is on our right and appears to be cement. Any idea what the building is on the right.

  2. Oops, not enough coffee in the gullet. The second sentence is is garbled. Sorry. I wish I could amend that. What I meant was the pavement looks different, like it has different pavement.

  3. Building on right is Stephens school, now a substation. Buildings on left are part of the still extant Firemen’s Row, several homes along with a fire station that is now a medical MJ dispensary.

  4. @ Jon Wood: It’s not Harrison that’s wide, it’s 7th. As noted in the caption, this photo is post-widening of 7th and the new pavement is the part that has been added to the width of 7th. The darker part is the original width of 7th.

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