15 thoughts on “Harbor Drive, circa 1965

  1. About ten years after this picture was taken, Harbor Drive was permanently closed and converted to Waterfront Park. At the time there was a lot of opposition to closing Harbor Drive, but I think most people today would agree that it was the right decision.

  2. It took me a minute to recognize the tall building with the peaked roof in front of the Harrison Tower Apartments; It’s the back of the pre-renovated Civic Auditorium (today’s Keller Auditorium).

  3. all I remember was the mess coming off the west side of the Ross Island bridge and trying to go north through all the tangles of construction/re-routing

  4. I always thought the keeping portions of the Journal building (clock tower, walled structures, hard surfaces) could have been part of the waterfront including semi-indoor farmer’s markets, events facilities, cafes, brewpubs, even a place to get out of the rain and still use the park. Just imagine part of the Blues Festival using some of it…

  5. Six lanes, smooth pavement, & few signal lights. Then, that was a half century ago. I am glad for waterfront park. Now if they can only do something about todays Naito nightmare.

  6. There were no homeless people on the streets back then, rumblefish351. There were a lot more social safety nets back then.

  7. Social Safetynets back then consisted of warehouse like asylums.
    The good ‘Ol days…
    Dammasch, Edgefield, OSH, et. al.

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