11 thoughts on “Peninsula Park, 1935

  1. My uncle owned a duplex across the street from this park. I remember playing on the swings when this swimming pool sat empty and unused. circa about 1960. Then the city took in the penguins. I remember going all of that. I thought this picture looks more 40sh because of swim suit and hair styles?

  2. that wall on the left is open now, the original was blown down in the Columbus Day storm then replaced with chain link. It was updated to a gated entrance in the late 80’s early 90’s i think.

  3. I can see the rope…the one they used to use to divide the shallow end from the deep end…reminds me of the Sellwood Pool…the round one! We spent a lot of time over at Sellwood…then Wilson High was built and there were two pools…no ropes though…but Wilson was always crowded!
    Would love to see if there are any photos of the Neighborhood House indoor pool! Anyone remember THAT pool? West side…off Barbur Blvd…

  4. I was reflecting on how fit those kids look compared to the childhood obesity epidemic of the 21st century, The EcoFeminist, and I’m sure Chuck was thinking the same thing. What part of my comment do you think was mean?

  5. Actually, if we truly want to change as a nation, we need to shame fatness the same way we shame smoking. Please, tell us what the difference is between 1935 and now? The difference is nobody is held accountable today for their actions (or inactions). We cannot accept overweight as “normal” otherwise this wonderful upward trend of obesity will not end. This is truth, not opinion. Shame shame! Good on the 1930’s for having the community spirit to shame this behavior. Today we have disconnected youth playing video games online where there is no community.

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