8 thoughts on “N Willamette Boulevard, 1931

  1. A Portland neighborhood without overhead wires. Very rare until recently. A beautiful photo.

  2. Same lamp post too! I drove past those homes for 14 years on my SW to N PDX commute each day. Beautiful neighborhood with wonderful homes. Unfortunately Mocks Bottom is now an industrial park. The view in ’31 must have been to die for!

  3. The caption written on the photo says “Island”. The editor added the word “safety”. I think it is just leftover space in the right of way, that was thought to be a good place to put landscaping and a sidewalk. I doubt if safety was thought of as I doubt heavy traffic was an issue there at the time.

  4. Some of these pictures where shot with fantastic camera setups. The quality of them is amazing. To take this picture now, I’d probably be standing on the island looking through the tree. Wonderful, not.

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