N Richmond St & Jersey, 1932

We got just a glimpse of The Harmony Dance Hall on the corner of N Richmond Street and Jersey Avenue last week; here’s a better look at it. That house in the background is still with us a block over on N. Ivanhoe.

A2009-009.2603 N Jersey & Richmond 1932(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “N Richmond St & Jersey, 1932

  1. The bridge was completed in 1931 and the ferry was discontinued. But the arrow sign pointing to it is still there in this pic.

  2. Here’s an interesting quirk of municipal evolution; at the time this photo was taken, the photographer and his subject were on opposite sides of the intersection of Jersey and Richmond. Today, the photographer would be at the intersection of Lombard and Richmond, but the opposite corner is still at Jersey and Richmond.

  3. Thanks for posting this photo. As a musician who plays early jazz, I love seeing these places where the kind of music I enjoy was likely played. My dad was playing drums at that time and may have played there.

  4. It appears to me that the space is an empty lot now. I’ll bet late at night, if you listen carefully, you can here the merriment and music of the long gone Harmony Dance Hall.

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