Red & White Store, 1931

The fairly serious-looking staff of The Red & White Store pose outside of their shop in this fine 1931 photo. The store was on NE Alberta Street between NE 20th and 21st Avenues. The building still exists although the home reflected in the window is long gone.

(City of Portland Archives)

12 thoughts on “Red & White Store, 1931

  1. Are you sure of the location? Alberta, between NE 20th and 21st is where Salt and Straw is. The entire block on that side is new buildings, and the buildings across the street don’t looks like this. Just curious because I live off Alberta and always would like to know what was here before.

  2. I initially though it was the Don Pancho taquiera as well; however if you count the window panes above the door on The Know Bar (2026 NE Alberta), there are 11, just like the original Red And White Store. The storefront to the right of The Know Bar is all boarded up, but would have originally looked the same with 11 window panes. The angle this photo was shot makes the persepective look a litte odd.

  3. Cool photo, but could someone post a link to what it looks like now? 😉

    But yes, knickatknite is right. The left corner of the building is visible and also gives it away with the gate and beam over the gate (though the actual gate has obviously been changed since then).

  4. Definitely the brown and orange bldg – note the many architectural details that are the same. Quite a bit the worse for wear though!

    Aside: who is this person who has managed to imprint “chant” into the condenser fins of seemingly every air conditioner in town? And how do they get up so high without being noticed?

    Someone has a bit of an OCD disorder, methinks.

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