Portland Panorama, 1898

Looking east to Mt. Hood in 1898, this view from City Park (now Washington Park) shows Portland spread out and beginning to rise. The Chamber of Commerce Building, Portland High School, The Oregonian Building, the Marquam Grand and the Portland Hotel all stand out in this excellent photo. The large building in the foreground was the Exposition Building on W. Burnside (then Washington Street) between 19th and 20th.

(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “Portland Panorama, 1898

  1. I believe this photograph was taken by Herbert A. Hale who was active in Portland from1892 to 1920. There’s a slightly higher resolution version here:

    And also there’s another great Herbert Hale panorama from the other side of the river:

    I know he took more great panorama shots of Portland in the 1890s, but I haven’t been able to find high quality versions of those online.

  2. Not quite visible is the Multnomah Amateur Athletic Club’s field and grandstand, abutting the Expo Building to the south. Site of current soccer stadium.

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