Street Renumbering Directory, 1933

Friday Extra! For the many of you who are interested in Portland’s street renumbering project in the early 1930s, here’s the city’s official directory as of February 1933. It’s a large PDF (approx 43MB) but it cross-references all old and new numbers throughout the city. 243 pages of historic goodness!

Here’s the link to the City Archive page, then click the little page/magnifying glass icon in the center column. Have fun!

6 thoughts on “Street Renumbering Directory, 1933

  1. The thing that struck me – can you imagine being the person who had to type this whole thing out on a manual typewriter? Whew. Almost as big a job as re-numbering all the streets 🙂

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  3. Yes, this is an invaluable reference, but I found it didn’t help with addresses in Sellwood. There is an address 1701 E. 8th Street which I know to be in Sellwood from around 1908, so should be SW 8th Avenue to-day. Just need the 1701 conversion.

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