17 thoughts on “NE 41st Avenue, 1975

  1. The little boxy white building seen in the distance on the left is still standing.

  2. Paul Schatz’s building is still there and also the building opposite with rooftop parking.

  3. I thought that looked like the Hollywood Theater in the distance, and zeroing in on today’s Google street ohoto, it is. Great to see it’s still there! Lots of pleasant memories connected with that movie palace.

  4. I think Robert G. nailed it. This is the SW corner of 41st & Tillamook and there is similar photo of the NE corner on efiles. If you enlarge the photo the curb has the street name stamped into the concrete “NE Tillamook St.”

  5. The woman on the left carrying two bags of groceries toward her car: Is that a Chevy Nova?

  6. zuul, it’s actually a 1972 Datsun 1200 coupe. Question is, who in the Portland area would have sold it new?

  7. Oregonian newspaper ads for dealers selling Datsun vehicles.
    1959– West Side Dodge– 2063 W. Burnside
    1961– Crain-Hills Motor Company– 2111 NE Union (MLK) 1961 Fairlady demo $1595
    1971 & 1972– Downtown Imports–1530 W. Burnside & Kellum Datsun–13840 SE McLaughlin Blvd., Gladstone.

  8. @tomjones23 ~ your clearly a fan of of Poor Richards. Do you know what the situation is with the PR building? It’s been sitting unused for years. Any info?

  9. Name That Car (in the parking lot on the right)

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  10. Right out of high school in 1964 I took a trip from Illinois to Portland to visit a friend who was at Portland State. After 2 weeks in Portland I decided to stay a while longer and got a job at Poor Richards. I was expecting a letter from Uncle Sam with an invitation to visit Vietnam. I interviewed with the owners, Stan Prouty and Hal Hulburt and got the dishwashers job, After 4-5 months I was promoted to Salad Chef. Another 6 months went buy and I was promoted to Fry Cook! Then came the Report For Duty Letter. Two years later, after Vietnam, I stayed in Illinois for good, but stayed in contact with my Oregon friends and have made several vacation trips back to Portland for visits.

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