23 thoughts on “E Burnside Street, 1969

  1. A familiar sight, but different these days. I remember the apartment building on the far left, on NE Couch, east of Grand Ave.
    As I recall I-84 eastbound was accessed from NE 3rd Avenue heading north. Before the on-ramp at NE Grand & Everett.
    The auto sales lot was also used to sell Christmas trees about 10 years ago.

  2. say, isn’t that the camper that got stuck on the ped bridge this weekend? splitwindow bus waaaay in distance at right. and oooh – punch buggy!
    gotta go find my brother to give his shoulder a good knak.

  3. I live near Jim Fisher Volvo off W. Burnside, which has been there since 1957, I never knew the family also once owned a FORD dealership as well.
    The Chevy El Camino nearest the camera is interesting because it has a tonneau cover with snaps, over the bed. It also has a chromed “curb feeler” attached to the passenger front wheel well; I have two feelers, inherited from my grandmothers 1967 Camaro – however they are difficult (or impossible) to attach to car bodies now days.
    The dark, two seater Sunbeam rag top (most likely an Alpine (4cyl) rather than a Tiger (6cyl) is a lucky chance capture. The Alpine was made popular in the opening sequence to the television show Get Smart, with Don Adams at the wheel.

  4. The Jim Fisher dealer design in photo here looks like this used car dealer in use today at SE 82 Ave & SE Washington St.

  5. The Freeway East sign on the far right appears to identify I-80N, the original designation of what is now I-84. I think they changed the designation in the early 1980s.

  6. Billy The on ramp at NE Grand & Everett East to Interstate 84 ( prior number interstate 80 N) can be seen in 1960 aerial photo, as well as the ultra short merge from NE 3rd.

  7. Lou L-P The building that now is the home to Fisher Volvo, was the home of Bernard Cadillac , and then Lew Williams Cadillac until 1971 when they built a new dealership across from Benson High School, which is now a Dodge-Jeep dealership. Joe Fisher had a Ford dealership on W. Burnside at 14th, and today it is the home of Everybody Music. West Burnside use to be the home to several new car dealers.

  8. I guess that is a New ’69 El Camino. Although could use a bath. The ’68 had the back up lights on the bumper. In ’69 they moved them to the tailgate.

  9. Dennis, prior to the Cadillac dealership arcross from Benson High it was a Put-put golf course, I use to go there for a cheap lunch of Fritos and sodas during my Freshman year at Benson.

  10. Did they really let you take a new car for a free “2 Day Trial” back then?? (from the sign)

  11. Bernard Cadillac on 21st and West Burnside was originally Bernard Cadillac Oldsmobile. Joe Fisher Ford also sold Mazdas at the Ford store.

  12. Lou L-P You are correct that Joe Fisher lot at Grand & E Burnside and the SE 82nd and Washington lot look the same. The SE 82nd & Washington lot was Joe Fisher Datsun (now Nissan) in the same year of 1969.


  14. love the united finance building built in the late 50s and sing so cool at night when lit !!
    i hope it stays around a long time

  15. Glad to see that the lamppost on the far right of the picture, partially hidden by the sign Oregon City, Seattle, and Freeway East, is once more visible.

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