N Lombard Street and Albina Avenue, circa 1954

The intersection at N Lombard Street and N Albina Avenue looking west. The Hot-N-Tot Tavern, the Lombard Theater, and Allen’s Columbia Pharmacy are visible in this image.


Intersection at N Lombard St. and N Albina Ave., 1952 : A2005-005.1198.2

Intersection at N Lombard St. and N Albina Ave., circa 1954 : A2005-005.1198.2


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9 thoughts on “N Lombard Street and Albina Avenue, circa 1954

  1. The house I grew up in is just to the right out of the picture. At this time I was going to school at Kenton up the street. The Lombard theater is on the left. My mom worked for a while at the drugstore and gave me free phosphates. On the same side as the theater but across the street was a mom and pop grocery where I stole my first apple. One day I was riding my bike and ran into a gentleman leaving the Hot-N-Tot with a paper bag full of bottles of beer. I remember it went everywhere. Great picture.


  2. I grew up in this area. Saturday afternoons at the Lombard Theater for cowboy movies. Picked up The Oregonian across the street at Lombard and Mississippi for my paper route in the area bounded by Lombard, Portland Blvd(Rosa Park) Vancouver and Albina. Great memories.

  3. The character has been lost currently. This intersection, unlike many others, hasn’t improved. I will be taking the current picture this winter and adding this intersection to my timechanges.net website

  4. Saw Dr. No and both the Beatles movies in that theater. We used to throw rocks across the cut for the new freeway just west of here.

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