W Burnside & 6th, 1928

As a followup to yesterday’s post and discussion, today we look east across 6th Avenue from the Commonwealth Building. The Arata Building sat on the southeast corner of the intersection; the awning and diamond decorations can be seen in yesterday’s photo. Big Pink (US Bancorp Tower) is located here now.

(City of Portland Archives)

One thought on “W Burnside & 6th, 1928

  1. Ah, nothing like chocolates and ice cream to cleanse the palet after huffing down your “Webster Cigar.”

    This was an interesting take on “one stop shopping.” You could have waffles for breakfast, get your haircut, purchase your smokes and you’re ready for a leisurely afternoon of billiards with the buds. Afterwards, you could get your suit cleaned so the spouse wouldn’t know you frittered away your day.

    All within a quarter block.

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