Kerr Gifford & Co. Inc.

VP fan Fred Parks sent this fine, professionally staged photo of his grandfather, Frederick Oliver Parks (1881-1946) and his Kerr Gifford & Co. delivery truck. Mr. Parks lived in a house near SE 37th and Yamhill in the mid-1920s, about the time this photo was taken; that’s a 1924 license plate on a Federal truck. Thanks for the photo, Fred!

Kerr Gifford & Co. was sold to Cargill in 1953. Kerr Grain was founded in 1954 and is known as Kerr Pacific Corp. today. They are still headquartered in Portland, and they still use a sailing ship in their logo.

(Fred Parks, Portland)

3 thoughts on “Kerr Gifford & Co. Inc.

  1. Happy to see this photo – Frederick Oliver Parks was my grandfather Will Henry Parks’ brother! Would love to get in touch with you, Fred, via email to exchange photos and ancestry info.

  2. That sounds great. I have a lot of Parks genealogy going way back, but would like to fill in some blanks for the more recent generations. Drop me a line at I’ll gladly share everything I’ve got.

  3. I recently found a container, similar to an oatmeal box, that had hotcake flour in it with the Kerr Gifford logo. Also, part of a cardboard box with the logo. The box was tacked to the wall of an old building for ‘insulation’ or maybe ‘dust control’. Glad to find some more information on this company.

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