Blitz Weinhard Brewery

In 1953 the Blitz Weinhard Brewery stood tall over all its gritty neighbors. It’s now dwarfed by today’s high-rise condos and office buildings. At the corner of NW 11th and Couch, Powell’s City of Books is now on the left where an auto dealership once stood.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

9 thoughts on “Blitz Weinhard Brewery

  1. Cool. I have a couple pictures on from the U of O archives from around this time on my laptop (currently on work’s comp) I remember when they gutted the old building and put the restaurant/bar and brewery back in. I lived up off 21st and glisan back then and walked to school. This was back around 2002-2003 or so.

  2. Very cool and brings back many memories. My Dad worked there in the very early seventies. I remember my Mother putting us in our 69 Mercury and driving us downtown to pick him up. Always a smell of hopps in the air, boxcars, loading docks… and beer always the smell of beer. My parents threw great party’s back in the day & I still have some things from the old advertisment dept.. My Mom side of the family were close to one of the heirs for many years untill her passing (I miss her to this day) and I am sure that is how my Dad got his job.

  3. Powells is not on the left, it is on the right. Powells is the block between 10th and 11th. The photo shows the corner of West Burnside and 12th, the camera is looking east. The Brewery is between 11th & 12th.

  4. I had an interesting conversation a while ago about the Blitz-Weinhard brewery:

    The gentleman I spoke to was a locomotive engineer for the Portland Terminal Railroad, they were the ones whose rail line served the brewery on 12th avenue. They ran a hopper car loaded with brewer’s malt that came from Great Western Malting Co. in Vancouver. After pciking up the empty car and replacing it was the loaded car they blew the whistle and BW employees proved then with a 6 pack or two of “product”. This went on for years until someone caught wind and the practice ceased. Still an intersting tale of the “old days”……

  5. Camera is looking west on couch. You can see what is now the whole foods building between 12th and 13th on the left, beyond the brewery. The sign above the brewery would have been oriented to Burnside, not 11th.

  6. I found a blitz beer can today at green river in auburn wa it has 2 hols on top its a neat can yellow lable ok shape worth any thing?

  7. I think Brian’s street view is correct, just pulled back a bit… The Sur la Table store (green awning) is the old corner of the brewery. Powell’s is the auto shop to the left.

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