12 thoughts on “NE Sandy Boulevard, 1962

  1. By 1967 Alfies restaurant had taken over the building that Webbs was in. $1.99 steak dinners were the main fare with extra cut being $2.99. Think an earlier version of Poor Richard;s. It was owned by Alf Nofieild, brother of Wilf Nofield who later owned the famous Wilf’s resturaunt. At the time Wilf was maitre d at the Silk & Satim which was destroyed in a gas explosion. I remember going in the building to salvage some things out of the Silk & Satin to take back to Alfies. I worked there for three years while in high school. I quit in 1970 to go to work at Yaws. If you look hard enough I think you can see some of the spider web impressions in the plaster ceilings and walls, they were still there the last time I was in the building some 15 tears ago.

  2. This question is a bit off subject, but involves Sandy Blvd. Does anyone know anything about the Spanish-style building with ground floor shops and 2nd-story apts. at 28th & Sandy? This unique old building has been around forever. Coming out Sandy from downtown, the building is on the left at approximately 2800 NE Sandy Blvd. It features 3 ground-floor shops, each set back individually from the street, with apts. above. I always remember this bldg. from my childhood going out to the Hollywood Theater, and I’m happy to see it’s still there! https://www.google.com/maps/@45.5291297,-122.6371464,3a,75y,136.44h,84.76t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sBLBnSnhgJfZpHGuikETYYQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en&authuser=0

  3. Sorry, in my previous post I meant to say that coming out Sandy from downtown the building is on the RIGHT on the corner of 28th & Sandy. I would like to know when the building was built, whether or not it was an Italian grocery with family living up above, its history, etc.

  4. Robin this may give you a little more information on the building at 28th & Sandy. Here is a Classified ad from the Oregonian 9/24/15 (page 18) “DELAHUNT COURT 28th and Sandy Blvd. 2 and 3 room newly furnished apartments, white enameled tile baths, hardwood floors (swell) $22.50 and $25.00 Phone East 3300”

    Also from historic plumbing permits here a a few types of businesses, shown on permits. (1914 stores & flats) (1917 owner Townsend Creamery – sink & soda fountain ) (1922 Barber shop) (1934 Dental 2nd floor Apt. 2 ) (1947 Groc. Rest. most likely meaning grocery – restaurant)

  5. Robin Vintage Portland had a photo on NE Sandy & 28th Delahunt Court building on the December 9, 2009

  6. Dennis, thanks for your meticulous research and all the interesting information you’ve provided regarding the unusual and distinctive Delahunt Court bldg. at 28th & Sandy. Much appreciated! I also checked out the photo posted on VP in 2009, and it’s amazing how little that intersection has changed since the 1940s! Also, thanks to John S. for turning me on to portlandmaps.com I didn’t know about that website. Thanks!

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