W Burnside, SW 10th & Oak, 1939

The driver turning left from W. Burnside westbound onto SW 10th Avenue is running a red light, the north/south traffic clearly has the green light. Traffic on 10th was two-way at that time, it’s one-way northbound now. Note the 10th Avenue ramp to the Lovejoy ramp in the distance.

A2005-001.1053  W Burnside St, 10th Ave and SW Oak St looking north on 10th Ave 1939(City of Portland Archives)

W Burnside & SW 10th, 1939

There are many classic signs to be savored in this 1939 photo of a popular Portland intersection; the Wentworth & Irwin logo at far left is a beauty. The view is east on W Burnside and 10th Avenue, with SW Oak angling off to the right. I believe you can see one of the surviving “Great Light Way” arches down Oak at 3rd Street.

(City of Portland Archives)