Vanport Hospital , circa 1944

The Vanport Hospital entrance, looking west with a view of water tower no. 4 & 5, circa 1944.


View of Vanport hospital office entrance looking west with view of water towers no. 4 and 5, circa 1944: A2001-025.703

View of Vanport hospital office entrance looking west with view of water towers no. 4 and 5, circa 1944: A2001-025.703


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Guild’s Lake Courts, c1942

Today’s post is a followup to yesterday with more information on the Guild’s Lake Courts shipyard worker housing. This photo looks slightly to the left of yesterday’s image and gives good detail about the back yards of these units. No oil tanks are in evidence and it looks like those wooden bins are for coal storage. The accompanying map shows that these units were along NW Tunis St., just west of NW 35th Avenue (our view is to the east). The detail shows the floor plans of the Type “F” buildings in this area.

A2001-025.260 Guilds Lake war housing c1942

guilds lake court division 35098(City of Portland Archives)

Guild’s Lake Court, c1942

Temporary housing for thousands of wartime shipyard workers stretches into the distance in this circa 1942 photo of the Guild’s Lake Court of Northwest Portland. This view is to the southeast; the Montgomery Ward building can be seen in the distance.

A2001-025.265 Guilds Lake Courts housing units c1942(City of Portland Archives)

Vanport City Flood, 1948

It was 64 years ago today that a railroad berm at the western end of Vanport City gave way under a heavy spring snow melt runoff allowing waters from Smith Lake and the Columbia River to inundate the area. This photo shows the aftermath of the devastation from roughly the same position as this earlier Vintage Portland entry.

(City of Portland Archives)

Vanport City Aerial, 1943

Vanport City was newly constructed in 1943, home to about 40,000 wartime workers in the Portland and Vancouver Kaiser Shipyards. Volumes have been written about Vanport and the flood which destroyed it on May 30, 1948. This area is now home to Heron Lakes Golf Course (in the distance) and Portland International Raceway. The racetrack follows the pattern of some Vanport streets and natural features and can be easily imagined in this terrific aerial photo.

(City of Portland Archives)

Wartime Housing Projects, 1945

This 1945 aerial photo looking northeast shows three wartime housing projects in North Portland, primarily for Portland and Vancouver shipyard workers. At center is Columbia Villa, beyond that is University Homes, and across the Columbia Slough at upper left is Vanport City. The Interstate Bridge to Vancouver can be seen beyond Vanport. All three housing projects are long gone and the land redeveloped.

(City of Portland Archives)

Vanport Entrance, 1944

Last wednesday’s aerial photo of North Portland showed a tiny sliver of Vanport in the upper left edge. Here’s another sliver of the same area, closer and from a different perspective. This photo looks southwest at the Denver Avenue entrance to the housing development for wartime shipyard workers. Today there’s a small rise in the area just to the right of the start of the main straightaway at Portland International Raceway; the water tower once stood about there.

(City of Portland Archives)