Proposed Columbia River Bridge, 1913

Paddle wheel boats and tall-masted sailing ships frequented the Vancouver riverfront in 1913 when this new bridge was proposed to span the Columbia River to Portland. Construction on the Vancouver-Portland Bridge began in 1915 and would open in 1917.

proposed columbia river bridge 19130101(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

Pacific Highway Interstate Bridge, 1917

The Interstate Bridge, connecting Portland with Vancouver, Washington, was a single span carrying two-way traffic when it opened in 1917. A second bridge was added in 1958 and this original span carries northbound traffic now. The new bridge was built with a humpback profile and this old span was upgraded that way too, so this flat profile no longer exists. This 1917 view, which includes the old ferry, looks south from Vancouver.

(City of Portland Archives)

N Interstate & Greeley, 1940

Even in 1940 the intersection of N Interstate and Greeley was a maze of traffic dividers, directional signs and wires. Things haven’t gotten simpler in the intervening 70 years as we’ve now added freeway ramps, overpasses and light rail lines into the mix. There’s probably not a single thing in this photo that still exists.

(City of Portland Archives)