USS Portland Under St. Johns Bridge, 1933

VP fan Lefty did his investigative work and dug out the fact that Monday’s photo of the USS Portland passing under the St. Johns Bridge was in fact taken in 1933 and not the posted date of 1937. Below is the photo from The Oregonian of October 27, 1933, taken just seconds before Monday’s image. Lefty was also correct in spotting the sailor standing on the yardarm near the top of the main mast. Click here to read the entire article regarding the ship’s visit to Portland.

uss portland detail 19331027(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

Victory Center, 1945

Admiral William F. Halsey spoke to a large crowd of civilian and military personnel at the Victory Center on November 19, 1945. The Victory Center, on SW 6th in front of the Pioneer Post Office building, was constructed early in WWII to encourage the purchase of war bonds. The Portland Hotel sign can be seen on the left, and the Meier & Frank building is just beyond the Victory Center.

(City of Portland Archives)

USS St. Louis at Rose Festival, 1913

The navy cruiser USS St. Louis is shown on the Willamette River in this undated photo; the Morning Oregonian reported that the she was in Portland for the 1913 Rose Festival. The “Crown Flour” and “Crown Mills Dock” complex in the background is still in place along the western river bank. This is another fantastic photo from VP fan Roxanne Cummings whose friend Eric Ammerman found the old glass photo plates in a friend’s attic.

(Eric Ammerman/Roxanne Cummings)

Wolff & Zwicker Iron Works, circa 1898

Yesterday’s post showed the US Navy torpedo boats Fox and Davis in Portland in probably 1908. Those torpedo boats, along with the Goldsborough, were constructed at Portland’s Wolff & Zwicker Iron Works in 1898. The Sanborn map below shows the Wolff & Zwicker site along the east bank of the Willamette River at the foot of Hawthorne Ave. Below that, the photo of the Fox under construction would have been with the photographer probably standing on the smaller of the “marine ways” at top left, looking east into the “ship building shed.” The building on shore would be one of the “dressed lumber sheds.”

(Sanborn Maps)

(Naval Historical Center)

US Navy Ships at Rose Festival, 1908

This photo was probably taken during the 1908 Rose Festival when the “Mosquito Squadron” visited Portland. The destroyers Preble, Perry and Farragut, and the torpedo boats Fox and Davis were among the ships in attendance. This photo shows two destroyers (larger ships in the background) and two torpedo boats. Coincidentally, the Fox and Davis, along with a third torpedo boat Goldsborough, were built in 1898-99 at Wolff & Zwicker Iron Works at the foot of Hawthorne on Portland’s east side.

This spectacular photo features some of downtown Portland’s skyline. The Lewis & Flanders Block/Ankeny Block (center with water tower), and the Kamm Block with distinctive finials, featured here last week, both stand out. Between them, the Crane Co. sign can still be seen today on the New Market Annex building. This photo comes to us via Roxanne Cummings, whose friend Eric Ammerman found some old glass photo plates in a friend’s attic. This is a great find and perhaps published here for the first time.

(Eric Ammerman/Roxanne Cummings)