St. Johns Plaza, 1979

This photograph was taken in the heart of St. Johns in 1979, on the corner of N. Philadelphia Avenue and N. Lombard Street looking north. Remember when the #35 Trimet bus that services areas of North Portland used to be the #1 bus? The clock in the photograph still stands today.

St. Johns Plaza, 1979 : A2010-003

St. Johns Plaza, 1979 : A2010-003


Congress Hotel, c1975

The lovely old Congress Hotel stood on the northeast corner of SW 6th and Main from its completion in 1912 until it was demolished in 1977. This undated photo is probably 1973-77 era (I think the white car is a 1973 Mercury Comet). Four terracotta arches from the old hotel still frame the entrance to an underground restaurant on that corner.

(University of Oregon Libraries)